Guest Room in progress

29 Oct

Ah, and we started this to keep somewhere regular track of our progress here at Casa Knight – I guess we have been busy! Currently painting the guest room, which used to be pink. We are kind of on green overload now since we are managing to paint this room a color very similar to the living room and hallway that we’re going to paint over ASAP. Also not so sure about why it looks so blotchy, even though we still need to put on another coat.



What’s cooking?

27 Jul

Food is obviously an important element here at Casa Knight. Even though we should be on a mission to “spend down” our food supply in anticipation of the move, we still managed to stuff our fridge this past weekend. (Ok, so it’s one of those compact, 15 cubic feet total fridges, but still…) Ryan is the head chef; I don’t really bring much to the table (har har) in that department, or the TV tray for that matter, since we don’t have a table.

Anyway, here’s an ejemplo of a recent meal/dish, “al desko” style:

Seems pretty basic, but we managed to pack a lot of stuff into these dishes, which have been feeding us for days. The small salad is spring mix from a bag with gorgonzola cheese, golden raisins, sliced almonds, and tofu (yep, and that’s a lot of it in there, huh?). And a pasta salad with fiori pasta, mizuna greens, a homemade pesto made w/ mizuna and cilantro, olive oil, a blend of shaved cheeses. Oh, and I tossed in some marinated artichokes after the first round of pasta salad; that was my big contribution.

The mizuna greens were a random farmers’ market pick — they’re kind of spicy, like mustard greens, I guess, and they are versatile in that you can eat them uncooked or sauteed. I was impressed by how crisp the greens stayed well over a week after we got them. We got the cilantro from the market too, mainly to make salsa, so this was just another attempt to use more of it.

Cleaning up in the Appliance Department

26 Jul

I decided against calling this post “Money Laundering”… So, our new house doesn’t come with a fridge or a washer and dryer. We decided that’s OK because then we could pick out the stuff we wanted. (I had the same rationale for kitchen that is going to need some serious upgrading, but that’s another story…) I think we ended up spending more time agonizing over which appliances to buy than we did about the house itself!

That said, it was easier to pick out the washer and dryer, which we did last weekend. I think our theme is “the low end of the (not quite) high end” or something like that. We knew we wanted a sweet front loading pair, so we basically set off to find the cheapest lowest priced set we could find, which ended up being these standard LG models from Sears. (Well, just cross your eyes to picture what the dryer would look like next to it.)

Aside from affordable, front loading, and decent reviews we didn’t have any major criteria so there was no major comparison shopping involved.  After all, pretty much any washer/dryer we could get that’s not the current stacking model in our apartment would be twice the capacity. The very nice salesperson tried to talk up all the features but I’m a hardcore cold water/shortest regular cycle devotee. We’ll see if that changes now that we’re getting fancier.

I’m not totally excited about my price-hacking on this one but for my fellow wannabe frugalistas, here’s the deal I got:

Washer and Dryer reg. price $699.99 ea.

Both on sale for $629.99 ea. (OK, so this is basically the standard markdown you can find somewhere at any given moment.)

Sears had some “one-day only” 10% Friends and Family deal so that took $126 off bringing the subtotal to $1,133.98. (The USPS Mover’s Guide also has a 10% off Sears coupon, but LG is one of the few exclusions on there.)

Then, the add-ons:

Washer hoses: $20.99

MA sales tax $72.19

Delivery fee $69.99 (It was either 10% off or free delivery, so it made sense to go with 10% off, duh.)

Layaway fee: $5 (Trying to free up some cash for other home-related expenses, and we don’t need this stuff for a few weeks anyway. I think we still could have finagled free delivery if we didn’t do layaway, but oh well.)

Grand total: $1,302.15 – Not bad, I guess

Hello world!

25 Jul

We’re starting this blog to keep track of our upcoming house purchase and all of the projects that will follow. Right now with 17 days until our closing date we are buttoning up the loan process and packing very slowly.

Our (future) house